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Our Approach to SEO


How We Think

Picture a grand orchestra gathered together to perform a symphony…

Now, imagine that orchestra if it had neither sheet music nor conductor…

Now, you’re probably imagining a cacophony of noise, and you’d be right. Because the orchestra has no one leading it and its members have no directions on how they can lead themselves, it is doomed to failure.

They might get lucky and play a few discordant notes, but they’ll never be able to get it together enough to actually perform a symphony.

Likewise, if you do not have a clear SEO plan outlining the proper steps you need to take, and you also lack a team of SEO professionals to help you stay on the right path, then you are in the same shape as our poor orchestra. All you need are the right notes, the right tone and the right conductor to get you where you need to go!

You might get a trickle of random traffic and you might even generate an insignificant bit of income here and there, but that sort of unassisted small business SEO philosophy won’t produce the levels of website traffic, conversion rates, and lucrative Internet revenues that you want and your company needs!


It’s Not Magic

If you have given much thought to Search Engine Optimization, you may have been a bit overwhelmed by some of the arcane industry jargon – algorithms, metrics, “white hat”, “black hat “… It all sounds a bit cryptic.

The mundane reality, however, is that SEO, like all algorithmic operations, is simply a process that relies on formula to perform certain tasks. SEO Service Crew understands that process, and by patiently applying proven techniques, we can help you produce “top three” search results on the three biggest search engines – Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Our objective is to get you to the top and keep you there.


How We Help You

Because SEO Service Crew knows how search engines work, we are able to use tools provided by the search engines themselves to build websites and content that are considered “relevant” by online queries. It is by increasing this relevance that we help you meet all of your online e-commerce SEO goals. We take painstaking measures to ensure that we understand your company and your goals inside and out.


How do we do this?

We craft premium original content for each page of your website.

We focus on those powerful “money” keywords that can actually convert into SALES

We use Content Management Systems to create website structures that are designed to facilitate search engine “crawling”.

We build attractive, relevant inbound links that avoid the artificiality found elsewhere.

Finally, we focus on creating dependable, steadily-growing online income streams, rather than volatile, unpredictable revenue generation that can be capriciously over-affected by routine changes in search engine algorithms.


Results Now and in the Future

The armies of software engineers at the big search engines are constantly tweaking their computer codes to enhance the relevancy of their various search engines. These modifications happen on a continuous, sometimes daily, basis. Sometimes, the public isn’t even aware of the changes being made.

On the one hand, this is a very positive thing for the Internet, because it means that search results become more accurate, personalized, and even intuitive for the individuals making the queries.

On the other hand, this can be a very problematic thing for companies with SEO programs, because the moment a single adjustment is made to the algorithms or formulas used by the various search engines, everything changes – all rankings, relevancies and results. Last week’s SEO programs and protocols are now outdated and very likely, completely worthless as a means to drive traffic to your website. Our methods work well despite any search engine modifications.


At SEO Service Crew, we use our knowledge of search engine protocols and algorithms to anticipate changes. We proactively and reactively make all the necessary adjustments and updates to your website’s structure and content, as well as modifying your off-page content on a continual and regular basis.

These adjustments keep your website relevant to search engines, drive traffic to your website, and stabilize and even grow your income, even as your less-proactive competitors struggle with fluctuating revenue streams