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How SEO Works


SEO might seem as difficult and as complex as major surgery, but the truth is learning how it works, is not as difficult as you might think. It really is a simple process once you understand the system and working it the right way all the way through.

The popular search engines out there are interested in seeing why type of content you have on your page. This is known as onsite SEO. They also like to see offsite SEO which is where information about your website can be found elsewhere.

These search engines have a formula that they use which helps to show who and what site should show up once a keyword is entered. When someone goes to a site like Google, and they enter their keyword, the site then analyzes and shows the person the best site out there.

What we do here at SEO Service Crew is make sure that your website is full of what the different search engines want. We look at your competitors as well as your audience to ensure that we do everything we can for your website to show up. We also make sure that your website shows up both off and on and that there is never any problems with it showing up in the search engines.


How it works:

Search engines are constantly changing the way that they analyze and rank different websites. However there are several things that are always there.


Onsite- This is your content and the website itself.

Matching all of your current content with keywords.

Finding the best keywords and groups of keywords out there.

Using keyword groups, and creating unique content.

Having a fully functional website.


Offsite- This is where your website is found from other online avenues.

Social media. Staying up to date in all the social media websites and making sure that they are registered and frequently posted to.

Citations. Creating references that are not linked.

SEO outcomes come from outside.

High profile and quality links.


Researching Keywords

Search engines see new keyword phrases that they have never seen before. These can stump the engine and make it harder for your website to be found. This is why we have implemented keyword groups. These groups of keywords are what is used in a high volume when looking up your niche. For example you may have a keyword of hotel but the keyword group may include lavish hotel, or ritzy hotel. Using these keywords allows us to keep your site ranked high and allows you to get the most out of your money.


Matching- New Content and Existing Content

To make sure that your website works the best with Onsite SEO, we try to take one of your keywords from your keyword group and make it onto a page on your site. Your home page generally will revolve around your specific keyword. This should be a keyword that means everything about your website and what you do. For instance if you run a computer repair business, your keyword will be computer repair and everything on your home page, should be centered around that word. We will help you to target other keywords throughout your site to ensure that you show up on all the search engines.


The Code

When learning search engine optimization, you will find that all the websites out there are different. There are no two websites that are alike. They will all vary in one way or another. Many sites rank well for search engines but there are a good many out there, that look may look good but simply do not show up on the search engine radar. Our key goal as a SEO company is to make sure that your web site shows up. We will work closely with you and your web developer to ensure that your website is listed correctly. We will also check on technical aspects to make sure that there are not any problems.

To figure out how your site ranks right now, go to Google and type in the address Look to see how many pages are on there, and see how Google has you ranked. You may have a very rotten surprise. You may not be listed at all, anywhere. When you find that out, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give SEO Service Crew a call, so we can get you on track.

You may have the greatest looking website of all time, but if people don’t know your there, and they don’t know how to find you, you’ll never get any business.


Offsite Link Profile

When a search engine looks at a link that is posted by another website they see that as a vote for your site and will rank you higher. Search engines think that if another website decided to link you, that you are offering something good. The search engine will then rate your page higher and you will show up more.

The search engines today will look at several other factors when looking at your offsite profile.

Trust and reputation of the site that has linked your website.

The theme of that website and whether or not your website coincides with that site.

Anchor text. This is the words used in front of the link to your site.


Offsite Social Profile

Social media is getting to be popular when it comes to SEO. In fact when offering SEO service many out there are now looking at adding the various social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Just because you have a page, do not think that this will automatically help you in the rankings. You will need to make sure that you post every day and help to draw people in so that you are seen.


Citation Profile

References to your company as well as your address, website and phone number are known as citations. These citations will help you to get higher ranking on many of the search engines. This will especially help when it comes to map locations.

So, that is SEO in a nutshell. Now you know how it works.

SEO is all about learning the best online ranking tactics, and learning every strategy that you can. There are over 400 refinements added each year, and you will have to make sure that your website is fine-tuned enough to compete with this step.


Next Steps

You can find out more about Pay Per Click and SEO by contacting SEO Service Crew for more information.