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How MUCH should I spend on SEO services



Not really that long ago, companies asked the question, “Should we spend money on SEO services?”

That time has passed, because now virtually every company in the world – at least every company that wants to stay in existence – now understands the benefits of Search Engine Optimization to drive their Internet marketing.

In fact, for many companies, their marketing model has dramatically changed to the point that enhancing the organic SEO results that showcase their websites, products, and services has now become the primary focus.

This means that the new question is, “How MUCH should I spend on SEO services?

The answer to that all-important question is a resoundingly confident “It depends.”

The price depends upon the size of your company, your comfort/experience level with website SEO marketing, and your current goal – are you looking to update the SEO policies and practices of your entire company, or is there a specific project that you have in mind?

Each of these factors can have a major effect on the level of pricing/packaging. Let’s take a look at the various pricing models that SEO Service Crew offers:


Hourly Consulting Model – Businesses opting for this payment model typically do so because they already have a SEO/internet marketing department, and are looking to tweak or fine-tune specific areas of their program. Here, the fee being paid is for an exchange of information. The business uses the information learned to shape its internal SEO goals and policies. The current rate is between $100-$300 per hour.


Fixed-Price Contract Services Model – This model is most frequently used by businesses new to SEO marketing. The businesses will pay à la carte for various individual SEO services. Some examples include –


Setting up Social Media – $500-$3,000

Audit of the Profile Link – $500-$7,500

Audit of Website Content – $500-$7,500

SEO-Focused Copywriting–$.35-$1.50 per word


For a business that is still learning the ropes of Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, or Google SEO, to name a few, the website audit can be the most productive purchased service, because it can give business owners an instant snapshot of the business’ online strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not sure what direction to take with your online marketing, a website audit is where you should start.

Any adjustments or move you make concerning SEO after the audit are ideally handled immediately by SEO Service Crew, because the exclusive matrices that we use during the audit are proprietary and work best with our optimization protocols.


Project Model – This model is typically used by a business making a major market push, launching a new product or service, or initiating a new marketing campaign. There is a wide variance in the price range, simply because projects come in all sizes and requirements. The most common projects can cost anywhere from $1000-$30,000.


Monthly Retainer Model – Businesses with a strong, regular online focus will opt for this model, with the monthly retainer being commensurate with both the size of the business and the level of service provided.

This model helps businesses avoid the hassle of choosing piecemeal services, and instead, let’s them rely on the proven expertise of SEO Service Crew. Because of the scope of services offered, this model gives the greatest Return on Investment. Retainer range – $500-$3,500.


Things to Keep in Mind

SEO is critically important to your business. If potential customers/clients aren’t finding your website, then why have one?

SEO takes time. The best results often are realized months after the proper groundwork is laid.

SEO takes expertise. Truly productive search engine optimization is an ability that must be learned and then honed, making it beyond the skill level of most business owners and regular employees. Hiring an experienced and reputable SEO is best.

SEO changes. Search engines change their ranking criteria often, meaning what works today may not work tomorrow. The most effective optimization requires regular analysis and adjustment.

All SEO firms were not created alike. Price is important, but now is not the time to search for a bargain-basement deal. Now is when you invest in the future of your business by finding the best SEO firm you can. SEO Service Crew will take the time to educate you about each step of the process while we are performing those tasks that will give you consistent, top-notch results.