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Discover our consulting and SEO experience.

Here at SEO Service Crew we offer a successful approach to search engine optimization. We have very dependable results, not just for our clients here in Texas, but our many clients all over the world. Read on to discover more about our SEO service, and how we can help your website get ranked more highly.


SEO Consultants

Our consultant services offers analysis, research and recommendations for websites. We specialize in websites that are having trouble being seen in the search engines. We will offer solutions on how to correct the problem.


SEO Audits

Our SEO audit shows any type of problems that may exist. We take a look at the technical aspect of both off page and on page to see if there are any problems. We also look at your competitors as well to see where you can improve your site.


Website Design

If you need a stunning website or an improvement to your existing website we can do that for you. We can create a great looking website that is sure to attract customers to click on to your website and stay and explore.


Keyword Research

Knowing the right keywords for your niche is imperative. Without proper use of the right keywords, your business could fail before it has even started good. We take the time to research the relevant keywords in your business and make sure that they are used correctly.


SEO Strategy

This SEO company uses a broad variety of tactics to ensure that your website shows up. You will need this service to ensure that your site runs like it should and that you show up on every search engine out there.


Link Building

We have link development analysts who create a relationship with websites and webmasters to ensure that your links are in good shape and to make sure your citations grow in number.


Web Copywriting

We have many web copywriters on staff that will help your keywords stay out there and help to drive traffic to your site. You will see that this engaging writing will help to draw people into your site, thereby increasing your overall traffic.


Free SEO Advice

Do you have a nonprofit, micro business, or small start up? We offer free SEO advice to get you started. We will show you how to get your visibility up on all the search engines.


WordPress SEO CMS

We know the WordPress program well and know that it is the best out there for content. It will help your website show up in searches and make sure that you are on the top of the results.


SEO Packages and Plans

We have sat down and looked over what our clients needed and what they liked. From there we have created great plans and packages that will help you, your website, and your wallet.


We will make sure your brand is part of the conversation: At SEO Service Crew, one of the key features that makes us industry leaders is that we take a comprehensive approach to search engine optimization plans. We don’t just use one tactic, we take a balanced, well-rounded approach that is designed to deliver measurable long-lasting results.