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Pay Per Performance

At the core of our professional SEO services in Houston is our Pay-Per-Performance feature. This is one of the key benefits our company offers that others in the industry simply do not have for their clients. We are one of the few Houston SEO companies that offer this option with our SEO campaign.

Key benefits of our Pay-Per-Performance features include:

- We track all keywords on a daily basis

- Along with our invoice, we send a monthly document detailing the keywords that have ranked on Page one

- Our team performs daily rank tracking, showing clients just how many days out of the month each keyword is being ranked for, with the amount pro-rated accordingly

With our Pay-Per-Performance feature, we make certain that our clients are very clear on what they are paying for and what they are getting from their investment.

Why do we offer Pay-Per-Performance when other companies do not?

At SEO Service Crew, we know that many competing companies do not offer Pay-Per-Performance features. However, we know that many times working with a traditional SEO company can be challenging and frustrating for customers. Clients often ask for upfront fees with their contracts and must pay hundreds or thousands per month upfront, without knowing what to expect. When this customers don’t get results, they can loose tons of their initial investment. We know this can be frustrating, which is why we came up with our Pay-Per-Performance features.

Many times, other companies are wary about offering Pay-Per-Performance as it can be a risky move. However, here at SEO Service Crew we are confident in our abilities to get our clients results, and we truly want to see our clients succeed at an affordable price. We never want the businesses we partner with to pay for services they aren’t receiving. This is why we proudly offer Pay-Per-Performance services for every company we work with.

With our Pay-Per-Performance services, we are looking to revolutionize the SEO industry. We know that 99% of other companies won’t offer this service because of the risk involved. However, we are happy to show you why we are the best and why we can confidently offer Pay-Per-Performance to our clients. All you need to do is contact us today.