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SEO Audit


Just as a yearly check-up can help to make sure you are in good physical condition, an SEO Audit will check to see if your website is in tip-top shape to attract search engines.

Many sites lack the level of search engine rankings they need to stay competitive. An SEO Audit can provide an overview of hurdles keeping your site from being SEO-friendly and chances to improve your ranking. An Audit will score out the technical elements, content, and other SEO aspects of your site and possibly give you a roadmap to a search engine optimized future.


At SEO Service Crew, you have your choice of Audit types:

The Basic SEO Audit: We analyze 50 factors to assess your website and analyze your rankings and competition

The Strategic SEO Audit: We provide a detailed review of your site with advice on opportunities for improvement and solutions to current SEO problems.

The Forensic SEO Audit: This is the perfect solution for an SEO emergency. We will diagnose what is causing your site to lose traffic and rankings.

An SEO Audit can provide a jumping off place from which you can cultivate a strategy to improve your SEO. We don’t offer you a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Instead, one of our highly qualified SEO Service Crew business analysts will perform an audit based on the specific needs and challenges of your website.


The Basic SEO Audit 

The Basic SEO audit was created to fit complex websites, usually with an SEO component. This is a great step to undergo prior to arranging an SEO package or program. The Basic SEO Audit uses a checklist with 50 points to recognize your sites unique SEO challenges and opportunities.

We examine elements such as:

IP address and Web Hosting

How many pages are search engines indexing

Your Content Management Systems ability to support SEO strategy

Title and meta tag review

Compatibility with Google Analytics

Webmaster Tools and Search Engine verification analysis.

Sitemap reviews – on-page and XML

Competitor positioning

Keyword ratings for 25 keywords or phrases

Linking review, including anchor text links

And much more.


What’s the Cost for Basic SEO Audit?

The Basic SEO Audit can be performed in five business days and costs $450.00. An expert SEO Service Crew business analyst will guide you through your Audit report on a conference call to give you a complete and thorough evaluation of your website’s SEO standing.


The Strategic SEO Audit

The devil is in the details, and the Strategic SEO Audit will give you a detailed analysis of the opportunities your website has to improve its SEO foundation.

The Strategic SEO Audit provides the 50-point checklist included in the Basic SEO Audit, plus a deep dive into:


Load time and the speed of your site

External and internal linking

Competitor positioning

Your SEO Service Crew business analyst will also examine your websites unique challenges and opportunities and provide solutions to your site’s SEO issues. The SEO Service Crew business analyst can, in addition, advise you on new initiatives to optimize your site for better search engine rankings and increased organic site traffic.

A Strategic SEO Audit can be completed in 1-2 weeks and costs $875.00. An expert SEO Service Crew business analyst will guide you through your Audit report on a conference call to give you a complete and thorough evaluation of your website’s SEO standing.


The Forensic SEO Audit

SEO emergencies come up more often than one would think. Sometimes your website traffic drops or your search page ranking plummets, and it’s hard to see why. Maybe Google has changed its algorithm, someone on your team or a vendor has strayed outside the SEO lines, or something more nefarious has happened.

No matter what the issue is, we are on the spot ready to spring into SEO action to get to the root of your problem. The SEO Service Crew business analyst assigned to you will treat your case with the utmost speed and importance as he or she examines your website, technical elements and possible outside causes of your SEO troubles. They are tasked with getting down to the bottom of your problem, developing a strategy using multiple methods and using their SEO know-how to solve your issues.

The Forensic SEO Audit searches beyond the normal SEO trouble causes to look into human factors such as coding errors, denial of services attacks, or someone hacking into your website.

The SEO Service Crew business analyst will do everything within their power to get you back to an SEO-friendly site. This means running all the checks included in the other two audit processes and delving into all the data available, analyzing competitor information and leaving no stone unturned until your problem is resolved.

There can be any number of reasons why a complex site with high revenue would “vanish” from Google, so pricing the Forensic SEO Audit can be challenging. The minimum price for the Forensic SEO Audit is $1,500. However, if needed, an estimate to commensurate with your needs is provided when we start working to determine the issues at hand. Your SEO Service Crew business analyst will keep you apprised every day with briefings and daily audit reports so you know the progress of his or her work every step of the way.


Taking Action

We develop a complete guide to help get your ranking back at the top of the search engines. When your SEO Audit is complete, no matter which level you choose, you can put into place the results and recommendations any way you like. Of course, we can help you by being there to guide you as you implement our solutions. This can usually be accomplished for an easy hourly rate.