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SEO Website Design


Having a well designed website that allows you to get to the front is important. You want a website that will drive people to your site, not one that is stale and boring. Creating revenue is your top priority and you will not be able to do so unless you have a quality website with a great design.


That is why we at SEO Service Crew want to help you create the website of your dreams, that also brings in a steady flow of qualified and targeted traffic.


Web Site Design- Getting the Best Design

There are several things that you need in order to create a unique site that will drive customers to your business. You will need a good design, strong content, search engine friendliness and the right amount of good links. Doesn’t sound too hard does it? That’s because it is truly simple! Let our SEO service prove it to you.

What we do is create a stunning web site that we create from scratch. No bases, no predetermined templates, just made from scratch, with the focus on you and your desired web design. We have done the same for ourselves and you didn’t have any trouble finding us. We will take what we have done for our site, and make your site even better.

Here are a few questions that you will need to answer when thinking about website design.

Will the design drive traffic to your site?

Will that traffic be quality traffic and not bogus traffic?

Will the site keep visitors entertained and wanting to click on the rest of your site?

Will your new site really make people purchase from your business and create a revenue?

The majority of traffic to your site is going to be people from popular search engines. They will enter various keywords, and they will be led to your site. When they arrive, they will expect a site that will make them want to click on everything. They will not want a boring, lackluster site that does not have much to offer. They will want a website that entices them to click more and explore further. They will want a site that gives them the option of seeing your product, emailing about the product and solid product descriptions. We understand this thoroughly, and we will make sure your site is the type that appeals and resonates perfectly with your target audience!



When a client comes in they immediately want to tell us exactly what they want on their website. Which is a good thing, and we will work closely with our clients to make sure all their wants are met. Your success is our success. However we will also make suggestions on popular trends and our own creative juices. We will also advise what will make customers happy and what may turn customers away. Not to mention, we make sure that the site runs smoothly and does not have any issues that might make the site too slow for viewers to want to click on.

Here is our approach to create a great web site for your business.

See what your visitors want and what they do not want.

Configure revenues.

Determine how to make sure all the goals are met.

Help you to clarify what you want out of your site.

Help to intensify website traffic.

Create a document proof where the website is being developed.

Many sites offer all this but do they really give you a way to make money back off of your investment? Have you considered your overall ROI? If your site is not good enough, you will never make the money back that you invested to get the site running. That’s why we do things differently here. We make sure to understand every facet of your business, so that you get the result you deserve.



At SEO Service Crew, we will help you get the right SEO web design that will optimize your chances at standing out among the crowd. While there are many out there on the market that claim they can do the same, they simply do not invest in your site like we will. We will help you to entice clients to click on your site and generate revenue to your business.


So what’s the price for SEO website design? 

Our fully custom (up to 5 pages) wordpress website design with logo starts at $2,850.00