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Web Copywriting


Writing for the web is particular

What comes to writing for the web, we understand what people really want. It isn’t the same as reading magazines and news articles, Internet users scan information first, and then read when they feel the data is relevant to them. Not to mention, search engines read webpages even more uniquely than that.


What makes SEO copywriting even more appealing is making sure you have the right balance between posting content that is informative, transcendent and appealing for your current and potential visitors. Yet, it’s much more than that, the copy needs to be written in a way that search engine’s can understand, index and rank the most highly for targeted keyword phrases and/or subjects.


You’ve got less than 5 seconds

How much time do you have to make a first impression? You might be shocked to find out that it only takes people three seconds to decide whether or not they want to stay on your page or “bounce” off to another page. So, those critical three seconds needs to count. How is that done? First of all, it starts with a compelling headline that matches their search engine inquiry. After that, you need relevant subheadings that make your visitors want to stick around and read more.


These can be a bullet point list or eye-catching phrases in a bold font that can be used as headlines for retrieving your visitors’ attention. In addition, it’s important to have some points for paws on your page, as well is a summary that includes a call-to-action directing your visitor to do something else. A call-to-action can be suggesting visiting another page or posting a comment in response to your article.


Make that connection

Now that you understand the first few elements of creating engaging copy, now you need to will reel your visitors in. SEO copywriting is much more than formatting your page to reach the top of the search engine’s results. This is because there is only a first step of converting your visitors into clients. You might want them to sign up for offers, subscribe to your email lists or purchase your products and services. In order to do that, you need to provide something the find valuable. That is how you create search engine optimization.


It’s all about the pages

Now, do not be afraid. That does not mean you have to write like J. R. R. Tolkien or Agatha Christie, however, you do have to present more than basic facts and figures. Imagine if you owned a brick and mortar shop, the most important thing you can do is connect with your customers. That is why it you should do when writing web content. Your visitors want to know why they should buy from you, though out the form or call you. Your main objective is to make them feel happy about their decision to utilize your services.


There is also something else. Many site owners do not realize that over 70 percent of a highly-optimized website’s traffic does not even send visitors to the homepage. Normally, they land on a page that is relevant to their initial search phrase.


What is this mean? This just goes to show that the search engines do factor in a lot of significance with what pages people arrive at. This is because the search engines index webpages, not entire websites. This means that each page needs to be targeting a particular theme and a similar group of keyword phrases. This is also known as “latent semantic indexing” or LSI. In essence, a search engine can determine the theme of the page based on its overall language instead of just looking for specific and matching keyword phrases.


How we work

When you come to SEO Service Crew for copywriting services, we began with a “Client Briefing” document. We have this to you and walk you through these simple questions ask about your company, your services, your positioning and your competitors. Once that is done, we work with you to identify the key pages on your side that you want to enhance and the keyword phrases we think you should target. From there, we conduct online and off-line research to help us better understand your target market. Now, we will begin writing one or two pages we send to you for your review. We do this to make sure we are capturing the tone that you want for your copy. Once we have agreement, we compose the rest. This is how we set ourselves apart from other SEO services.


Content is the priority

As you can see, we start with the writing first. This is because we need to reel your visitor in the moment they land on your site. After that, we look for SEO opportunities within the post and optimize as needed. This is the best method for ranking highly within the search engine’s, and increasing your customer base. So, you get not only rich, unique and relevant content tha improves your sales conversions, but are copy also makes sense to the search engines when they decide what sites to recommend first.


What about costs?

There are many variables that come into play when writing excellent copy. These can include, but are not limited to, the subject, existing content, online competitors and others. As a result, these can vary from project to project. On average, here is a quick break down:

Original web content copy : $75.00 per page (400 words & up)

Blog Writing: $45.00 per blog (500 words & up)

Research Paper: $180.00 per paper (1000 words & up)

Product Reviews & Technical Writing: $65.00 per page (500 words & up)

Re-write/Edit existing web copy: $35.00 per page (400 words & up)

SEO Articles: $45.00 per page (500 words & up)

Press Releases: $85.00 per page (800 words & up)

Sales Letters/News Letter: $75.00 per page (500 words & up)

E-mail marketing letters: $45.00 per page (300 words & up)


All of our web copywriters are highly experienced professionals that are selected based on their ability, work and areas of specialization. Each is well-qualified in communications and has years of experience as journalists and copywriters.


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