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Convert your website into wordpress for stronger rankings

($997.00 one-time cost)

Upgrade your current website to the WordPress platform. We will convert your stale, static HTML website up to 20 pages in length including new template and your logo. We will migrate all of your content, graphics, photos, video, audio files, e-mail addresses, and contact forms. Your new WordPress website will be SEO friendly and mobile ready. Your new site provides complete integration with your social media platforms.


When you use search engine friendly CMS, you will want to make sure that you work with a platform that will truly be search engine friendly. There are many platforms out there that claim they are search engine friendly but the truth is that they are often not. They may not show up in any of the search engines or if they do it will be a long way down the list of results. This can hurt your business. This is why you want to make sure that you go with a CMS that is actually proven to be friendly with all of the popular search engines.

As a result, we at SEO Service Crew use WordPress. WordPress is a license-free platform and is open sourced. There are around 30 million installations all throughout the world. This makes this particular platform the most search engine friendly that you will find. The features that you will find on this platform are:




You will be able to navigate three different tiers through the CMS. There are some additional tiers if you need them or want them. We can walk you through all of your options. The functionality is unparalleled no matter how unique your request may be.


Image and Video

There are many things that you can do with image and video via the CMS.

Multiple images. You will be apple to upload many images.  You will also be able to edit and manage the pictures.

Library. From the image library you will be able to apply the pictures to multiple pages.

Editing. If you need to do a slideshow, you will be able to edit the pictures.

Videos. You will be able to edit, link and embed videos. You can link these videos to popular video sites like Vimeo and YouTube.



You may be concerned that the CMS will not handle multiple languages but this platform can. The CMS will handle many different languages without any problems. So, it doesn’t matter who you want to reach. Whether they are on the other side of the world, speaking three different languages, consider it done!



To learn whether or not you are making any money off your investment, you can use Webmaster Tools, as well as Google Analytics. What makes this truly critical is the fact that you get to see, in real time, just how well your campaign is going. In fact, we encourage it!



Forms are available on this CMS platform.

Can be emailed to addresses including multiple addresses.

Database records. All database records are downloadable for inquiries.

Checkbox for an increasing database.

Can handle multiple forms.


Modules Available

Here are the additional modules available for this CMS.


WordPress SEO


CRM Integration




Special Offers


With the development of over 200+ WordPress sites, we are well versed in the platform and will help you to create revenue like no other. Call us today!